Hello there, I'm television big-shot Les Hughes. Yes, that's right, THE Les Hughes. You may remember me from my work as a writer (and sometimes director) on a handful of legendary sitcoms back in the 70's and 80's. If you're a big-shot television insider like me, you may also recall that, after a falling out with my old showrunner, I was blackballed from the television game for life. For the past few decades, I've been able to string together a happy, if modest, life from my earnings as a writer. I live with my daughter, Lucille, and her family and I putter about the house. I garden, I do the crosswords every day, and I watch network television, my only true passion.

Anyway, in the past few months, my television money has begun to run out. I've never had a head for finance or investing, and I haven't worked at all ever since I stopped being able to write for television. So, I've decided that this will be the year when ole' Les Hughes gets back in the game. My daughter helped me set up this site, and I'm going to be sharing my ideas for new shows here.


I'll be writing a script for a network television pilot every week, and I'll post them here every Sunday. I have two goals for this project: First, I want to shake off the cobwebs and put on paper some of the fantastic ideas for television shows that I've had over the years. Second, and most importantly, I'm excited to get back into writing because, and I really do mean this, television is just awful right now. In my unemployed time, I've watched a lot of network television and boy has this whole thing gone to hell. If I ever meet the bastard that invented reality television, I'll sock him or her square in the mouth. Back in my day, television was about telling stories, about creating fantastic characters that people would fall in love with, it was about helping people laugh after they'd put in a long days work at their job, it was about bringing families together. Nowadays television has lost it's way. It has become all about titillation, about cheap voyeuristic thrills, and about celebrity for the sake of celebrity. So far I've sat idly by while the medium I love was slowly eroded into nothingness, but no more. Through this site, with a little luck, I hope to save television.